If an employee suffers an injury or illness, this should be reported to Euro Accident. The employee can call or use a form for the notification of claim. See below for the exact details per insurance policy. All forms are available under ”Forms” at the bottom of Advinans’ website.

Administration in the Portal

You as an employer do not need to make any changes for the employee on advinans.se. Absence due to illness is regulated by the insurance company and is not handled on advinans.se.


Health Insurance and Waiver of Premium Insurance

Health insurance and waiver of premium insurance pay compensation to employees in the event of long-term sick leave. After 90 days of sick leave, a notification of illness should be submitted to Euro Accident. Use the form ”Euro Accident Notification of Illness”. When submitting a notification of illness, the employee needs to include a sick leave certificate, a certificate of sickness benefit for the last four years, a certified copy of ID as well as the Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s latest decision on sickness benefit qualifying income. The health insurance provides compensation for the employee for loss of employment income and the waiver of premium insurance takes over the contributions to the occupational pension. The qualifying period is 90 days for both insurance policies. Euro Accident’s health insurance (PlanSjuk) also includes supplementary insurance in the form of rehab insurance and counselling support. For more information, please see Advinans/Euro Accident’s website.

Form: Euro Accident Notification of Illness


Accident Insurance

If an employee suffers an injury or accident that provides compensation from the Accident Insurance, the form Euro Accident Notification of Claim Accident Insurance should be used. To ensure reimbursement of expenses, original receipts should be attached.

Form: Euro Accident Notification of Claim Accident Insurance


Health Insurance

If an employee needs to seek medical care through the health insurance, the employee can contact Euro Accident’s e-care service Doctor24 by logging in to Euro Accident’s website and clicking on health insurance, or alternatively by calling the telephone service: 0771 – 10 50 10. Within seven days, a specialist appointment is guaranteed and within 14 days, surgery or action is guaranteed. In order for the employee to be reimbursed for receipts, the form below should be used.

Form: Euro Accident Notification of Claim Reimbursement for Receipts Health Insurance Private


Life Insurance

Occupational Group Life Insurance (TGL) and extra life insurance pay a tax-free amount to the beneficiaries if an employee dies. Euro Accident receives information about deaths from the register of births, deaths and marriages, as an employer you therefore do not need to do anything. Euro Accident contacts the beneficiaries for the payout of the amount insured once they have received information about the death.

Contact Details for Euro Accident:

Customer service: Tel. 077-440 00 10, info@euroaccident.se.

Notification of claim: Cases of illness and accidents: 0771-10 50 13.

All forms can be found under ”Forms” on advinans.se.