Reporting employee changes such as the date when someone started, stopped working or received a new salary can be handled manually or via a file directly from the payroll system if you use the file service. The manual handling is done via the list of employees where you can go in and make changes for each employee. For employees covered by risk insurance, you need to certify that the employee is of full earning capacity when the insurance is taken out or modified.


For an employee to be of full earning capacity, the employee must:

  • Be able to carry out their normal work without restrictions.
  • Not receive sick pay from the employer or benefits from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (benefits from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency refers to sickness or rehabilitation allowance, activity allowance, sickness benefit or other benefit due to incapacity for work).
  • Not have any occupational injury annuity or wage subsidy employment, dormant activity allowance/sickness benefit or the equivalent benefit has not been granted.


In addition, if the company has fewer than 5 employees, the employee must also:

  • Not have been on sick leave for more than 5 consecutive days in the last 360 days.