Transfer of Savings

Can I transfer my pension insurance to Advinans?
Advinans has launched a transfer service for occupational pension insurance. Let Advinans analyse your current occupational pension insurance and see if it could be lucrative to transfer it to Advinans and get help with carrying out any transfers.  Please contact if you want to know more about Advinans service.
Can I transfer my investment savings account (ISK) to Advinans?
Of course you can. By carrying out a move, you avoid double taxation of the the standard tax on ISK savings. First, you sell holdings on your current ISK so the capital is in cash. Then you contact Advinans customer service at or 021-220 30 and we will help you move your capital. 
Can I transfer share/investment fund accounts/securities custody accounts to Advinans
We cannot currently assist you with transfers of this account type, but you can of course sell your current securities, withdraw the money and then transfer it to an Advinans ISK. Please note that when selling securities in a share/investment fund account, a capital gains tax of 30% is payable on any gains. You will need to report the sale on your next income tax return, it is usually possible to get pre-printed forms from your bank. If you do not know the acquisition cost, a flat-rate tax is paid where 20% of the present value is assumed to be acquisition cost, the remaining 80% is then taxed at 30% (24% on the entire capital).
Can I transfer my individual retirement savings (IPS) to Advinans?
Advinans is planning to offer IPS accounts, which means that in the future we will be able to assist you with transferring your IPS to us.   Until then: IPS is normally locked until the age of 55 (Income Tax Act) but if you have an IPS where the value is less than a price base amount (SEK 52,500 in 2023) you have the right to close the account and withdraw the entire amount prematurely, regardless of how old you are. Contact your current bank to close your IPS and get the money into an account. The capital of a closed account is taxed as income and the net amount can then be deposited into your ISK with Advinans.
Can I transfer endowment insurance to Advinans?
An endowment insurance can never be transferred but you can withdraw the money to a bank account, and then transfer it to an Advinans ISK. To withdraw money from an endowment insurance is called making a "repurchase", and you do this by contacting customer service at your current insurance company. Tax: No capital gains tax is payable on repurchases from an endowment insurance. Fees: Depending on how long you have had your endowment insurance and where it is today, a so-called repurchase fee can be deducted. You can ask how this works for your insurance when you talk to customer service at your current insurance company. Time: A repurchase usually takes between 1-3 weeks depending on the insurance company's processing time.