Nordea Node's solution for salary exchange is completely digital, where you as the employer determine the rules and conditions in the form of amounts, proportion to salary, tax allocation and salary range. You also define which employees will be able to apply for a salary exchange. The employees that are covered can apply for the salary exchange when logged in to After an application has been made it shows up as a case that must be approved by the administrator. 


The process for the management is as follows:

  • Employees apply for the salary exchange plan, the application generates a case for the administrator to approve or reject.
  • Applications that are approved no later than the last day of the month by the administrator become active the following month.
  • If the application is rejected, the administrator can write a reason that can be read by the employee when logged in to
  • The current documentation and report file for salary exchanges are available under Salary Exchange Plan on the first of the month.
  • Register salary deductions for employees who have applied for and changed the amount of salary exchange.
  • If the employee is covered by ITP 1, the gross salary paid in cash must be reported to Collectum. Check that a deduction for salary exchange has been made before submitting the file to Collectum. Collectum's invoice payment process is around the 12th, check the date at
  • If the employee is covered by ITP 2, the salary before and after the salary exchange must be reported to Collectum.
  • If the salary exchange premium is to be handled within the framework of Collectum and the ITP option, invoicing details must be reported to Collectum each month according to their template for Single Premiums. Nordea Node assists with an Excel template with information about premiums for each employee. The Excel template must be submitted via Collectum's internet office on a monthly basis, no later than on the 15th.
  • If the salary exchange premium is handled through Nordea Node and Nordea or Nordnet, the invoice from Nordea or Nordnet will arrive around the 12th. Both companies invoice in advance, which means that the first invoicing for a salary exchange consists of two months.

For example:

  • An employee applies for a salary exchange on March 10. 
  • The application is approved by the administrator before March 31, and thus becomes active on 1 April.
  • The pension invoice which arrives on April 12, refers to May and also includes the first month of April for this salary exchange. The invoice must be paid before the last day of the month.