A company can flexibly manage its benefits completely digitally via Advinans. The company selects the services and benefits employees will be covered by, ranging from a comprehensive occupational pension plan which includes risk insurance to a broader benefit offer that includes the handling of salary reduction plans, internal communication, preventive health care solutions, etc. The system is completely flexible - Advinans offers a platform, the company selects the services that will be offered to the employees.

Advinans' services are built around benefit groups and are based on the benefits defined by the employer. Employees are added to a benefit group by file import or by manual entry. You can also create a benefit group by choosing "Benefits" and "Create a Benefit Group". Once you have named the benefit group, you can add and configure the benefits to be included in the benefit group. You can add an unlimited number of benefit groups. An employee can only belong to one benefit group at a time. You can easily change benefit group for the employee at advinans.se.

To support the accounting, employees can be divided into different cost centres. Advinans' invoices are divided by cost centres.

You can easily set up cost centers and connect employees to them. Advinans' invoicing service will then automatically create invoices and accounting documents based on cost center.