Offers via the Benefit Portal
If permitted by your employer, you can via Advinans’ partners gain access to discounts and procured services such as travel, health or preventive health care. Select “Benefits” in the menu and click on the category you are interested in. The page for each offer will give you information on how to use it, a link or a discount code.
Preventive health care allowance
If your employer handles your preventive health care allowance through Advinans, your balance will be shown on the welcome page when you log in. Select preventive health care and you will find information on how to use it. Do not forget to look for preventive health care under benefits to find procured deals from different suppliers.
Annual travel cards with SL
If your employer has an agreement with SL, you can buy an annual travel card with net salary deductions for 12 months. The cost of an annual travel card is divided into 12 months and you reduce your salary by the corresponding amount during those months.   You can buy your SL annual travel card under the tab “Benefits”. Select ticket type Enter the address where the card should be sent Confirm your purchase with BankID and wait for your card to arrive If you order your card before the 10th of the month, it is valid from the next month Your employer will then automatically deduct 1/12 of the cost of the annual travel card from your net salary. If you leave your employment before the end of the 12 months, the debt will be settled against your final salary One month before your annual card is about to expire, you need to place a new order for an annual card. You will then have a new card sent to you by post.
Work glasses via the Benefit Portal
If you sit for more than one hour in front of a computer every day, your employer will pay for an eye examination. If you employer has an agreement with Synsam, your order and booking can be handled via Synsam's offer for Computer Glasses. In the benefit portal, Advinans has procured suppliers for these services and you can easily book an appointment for an eye examination and purchase work glasses at discounted rates.  To book an eye examination: Under “Benefits” access Synsam’s offer for computer glasses Fill in your contact details Specify your working distance for the order Select the store where you want to have the examination When you submit the form, an order is sent directly to the selected store Book an appointment for an examination at the selected store. Your employer will receive an invoice and if you wish to purchase additional products, not included in your employer’s policy, you pay the difference directly in the store.