Your employer sometimes offer health insurance as a benefit in your employment. The health insurance grants you quick access to private care and counselling. You get access to medical services and medical specialists through Euro Accident’s app or Doktor24. Go to ‘Risk insurances’ to find more useful information about your coverage and how you use it at Don't forget to choose English in the left menu.

It's possible to add family members to the same insurance. However, important to remember is that the insurance for your family members is paid by you, and not by your employer.  


The costs for the Private Medical Insurances PrivatAccess Silver and PrivatAccess Brons are age depending. Below you find the age ranges with specified prices:

Private Medical Insurance PrivatAccess Silver with 500 deductible: 



0-19 162 SEK/month

20-25 270 SEK/month

Employee/Employee's spouse

17-39 357 SEK/month

40-54 590 SEK/month

55-67 770 SEK/month


The insurance is paid with an invoice or direct debit (Autogiro). 


Private Medical Insurance PrivatAccess Brons with 500 deductible: 



0-19 108 SEK/month

20-25 184 SEK/month

Employee/Employee's spouse:

17-39 254 SEK/month

40-54 392 SEK/month

55-67 654 SEK/month

The insurance is paid with invoice or direct debit (Autogiro)


If you wish to apply for health insurance for your family members, please contact Advinans' customer support and we will assist you.