A salary exchange plan with management through Collectum means that the pension is invested in the free choice in your ITP 1/ITPK. Registration, changes to the amount as well as termination of the salary exchange plan is done while you are logged in to nordeanode.se. Investment and management of the premium takes place in the insurance company where you have chosen to invest the free portion in ITP 1 or the insurance company you have chosen for your ITPK. When you have ITP 1 through your employment you have an active salary exchange you loose contribution to your pension. Contribution to ITP is calculated on the gross salary. In order for you not to lose any pension by changing your salary, the corresponding amount is added to your salary change. This means that the premium you miss out on for your regular ITP 1 provision is added to the premium your employer pays for your salary change.


Your extra deposits are subject to the same payout rules as your as your regular ITP 1/ITPK.

The repayment cover and beneficiary provision are the same as for your regular ITP. To change your choices for insurance company or repayment cover, please log in to collectum.se.

Follow these steps to apply for salary exchange:

  • Log in to nordeanode.se.
  • Go to "Pension" and "Salary exchange".
  • Choose "Start salary exchange".
  • Specify the gross salary deduction you are going to make. This shows the monthly savings that are paid extra for an occupational pension and the effect on your salary after tax.
  • Choose how your savings are to be placed.
  • Confirm or change your financial profile.
  • Sign the application with BankID. When this is done, your employer will receive a notification and can approve your application for a salary exchange.

Remember to register your desired salary exchange well in advance. If your employer approves your application for salary exchange no later than the last day of the month, it will become active from the following month.