Benefits and Offers

Create benefits groups and cost centres
A company can flexibly manage its benefits completely digitally via Advinans. The company selects the services and benefits employees will be covered by, ranging from a comprehensive occupational pension plan which includes risk insurance to a broader benefit offer that includes the handling of salary reduction plans, internal communication, preventive health care solutions, etc. The system is completely flexible - Advinans offers a platform, the company selects the services that will be offered to the employees.   Advinans' services are built around benefit groups and are based on the benefits defined by the employer. Employees are added to a benefit group by file import or by manual entry. You can also create a benefit group by choosing "Benefits" and "Create a Benefit Group". Once you have named the benefit group, you can add and configure the benefits to be included in the benefit group. You can add an unlimited number of benefit groups. An employee can only belong to one benefit group at a time. You can easily change benefit group for the employee at   To support the accounting, employees can be divided into different cost centres. Advinans' invoices are divided by cost centres. You can easily set up cost centers and connect employees to them. Advinans' invoicing service will then automatically create invoices and accounting documents based on cost center.
Job offers
With Advinans you can share job offers with prospective candidates, you can easily and neatly show the total remuneration and the benefits you offer. Follow these steps to create a job offer: Log in to Go to "Administration". Choose "Jobs" and "Create job offer". Fill out information such as salary, collective agreement, holidays and preventive health care allowance.  Add a description and share the job offer.
Internal communication and the company's unique offers
Advinans offers a flexible communication platform. You can post new messages, and direct them to benefit groups and cost centres. You can also attach files to these messages and link to a categoy. This allows you to use the platform also to manage the company’s guidelines.   Advinans has procured broad offers in the Benefit Portal. Many companies have their own, often local, discount offers.  Follow these steps to add your own offer: Log in to Go to "Administration". Select "Offers" and "Create your own offer".  Here you add details about the offer and the supplier. You can upload an image and attach files, choose which benefit groups can take advantage of the offer and the validity period. You can easily review the offer and then save and it is posted.
Computer glasses and safety glasses
Employees who have more than 1 hour of work in front of a monitor every day are entitled to an eye examination and computer glasses, if necessary, paid for by the employer. If safety glasses are required at work, these should also be paid for by the employer. Advinans simplifies management and reduces costs with Advinans' procured suppliers of these services.    The company sets its policy for terminals and / or goggles via our procured suppliers together with Advinans. The benefit is made visible to employees through an offer at Through offers, the employee easily books an eye examination with the chosen supplier and the company is invoiced according to agreement. For any costs in addition to the company's policy, the employee pays directly in the store when ordering, smoothly and easily.