General information about Advinans

Recommended web browsers
In general, we recommend that you use Google Chrome. However, we support the following web browsers: Google Chrome: Mozilla Firefox: Apple Safari: Microsoft Edge: In addition, we recommend that you always have the latest operating system updates installed on your device.
In the event of death
As an Advinans customer, an individual may have assets/insurance cover with us and with/via our partners. Advinans manages funds available in an Advinans ISK as described below. Holdings in pension insurance are handled by Futur Pension or Nordnet and compensation from any risk insurance is handled by Euro Accident or Länsförsäkringar. In the event of death, Advinans freezes all assets pending the arrival of documents from the relatives of the deceased.    In order to transfer holdings and close a deceased person’s account, the relatives need to submit the following: A certified copy of the registered estate inventory from the Swedish Tax Agency. The form "Closing of account for a deceased's estate” where it is stated what is to be done with the holdings of the investment savings account, to what other accounts it should be distributed and specifying a bank account number for the payment of liquid funds. Certified copies of the beneficiaries' ID documents.   You will find the form ”Anmälan om dödsbo” here  If an estate administrator has been appointed by the district court, he or she can submit assignments. In that case, a copy of the appointment shall be attached. All certifications submitted must consist of two independent persons from the beneficiaries, with printed name, personal identity number and telephone number.  For other questions, please contact Advinans' Customer Service, on number 021-22030 or send an e-mail to
Contact details for any comments or complaints
Any comments or complaints will be received in writing by mail and e-mail or by telephone through Advinans' customer service.  ADVINANS AB Box 3158 103 63 Stockholm Telephone: +46 21 220 30 E-mail:, write ”Complaint” in the subject field Users can request that customer service should forward complaints to Advinans' Complaints Officer. Should the User after contact still be dissatisfied, the User can contact the Swedish Consumers' Banking and Finance Bureau, which is an independent agency that provides consumer information and information on matters of a financial nature.   SWEDISH CONSUMERS' BANKING AND FINANCE BUREAU Box 242 23 104 51 Stockholm Telephone: +46 8 24 30 85 Furthermore, the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) can be contacted, which is a public authority with an impartial role that hears disputes between consumers and companies and makes decisions on how the dispute should be resolved. NATIONAL BOARD FOR CONSUMER DISPUTES (ARN) P.O. Box 174 101 23 Stockholm              
Advinans' permissions
Advinans has received permission from Finansinspektionen to conduct securities business in accordance with the Act (2007: 528) on the Securities Market and Insurance Distribution in accordance with the Act (2018: 1219) on Insurance Distribution (LFD) regarding life insurance in all life insurance classes and accident and health insurance.   The company is licensed to conduct the following activities: Receipt and forwarding of orders regarding financial instruments. Investment advice regarding financial instruments. Execution of orders regarding financial instruments on behalf of customers. Portfolio management regarding financial instruments. Insurance mediation in all life insurance classes as well as sickness, accident and premium exemption insurance. Storage of financial instruments on behalf of customers and receiving customers' funds with an accounting obligation. Perform currency services related to investment services. Registered as a manager of fund units regarding mutual funds and special funds
Advinans’ vision
Advinans has two customer segments: employers and private individuals. The goal is, however, the same: to ensure a secure future for everyone.    Our vision is based on three values: Cheaper - Through efficient processes and modern technology, we can offer lower prices. Better - Based on financial research, we help our customers do the right thing. Always. Simple - We make it simple for the customer to take responsibility for the future.