Advinans' Advisory Service

Advinans’ pension advisory service
Advinans' pension advice helps you ensure the right risk at the lowest possible contribution on your entire pension savings; occupational pension, PPM and private pensions. We collect information about your current investments and based on your unique savings horizon, risk profile, and ethics preferences, you will receive fund advice and help with implementing changes. Within collectively agreed pensions, advice is also provided on traditional management (for those customers who do not want to be active in their fund savings) and proposals for an optimal insurance company. Advinans' investment advice is taken out through your employer or through you as an individual. If you want to sign up for the service privately, you pay SEK 300 (including VAT) with your credit card for one year. The service ends automatically after one year and you must activate it again yourself. Advinans generally recommends reviewing the service once a year, but at least every three years.    Under "Pension" and the tab "Investment advice", activate the service. Before the advice, make sure that you have submitted an information power of attorney (keep in mind that it takes up to two weeks before the insurance company answers) and connected the accounts so that you get a comprehensive picture. If you do not have an account, you can add this manually.    Once you have compiled your information about your pension capital, you can go through the investment advice through the following steps: Enter the age for when you want to retire and how long the money will be paid out. You can change this later if you want. We suggest that you retire at age 65 and a lifelong withdrawal, which is standard. Choose if you want low, medium or high risk in your savings Enter how active you want to be in your savings. Most are not active - so we recommend this setting if you are not interested in investing. Enter the sustainability profile that suits your preferences and choose to proceed Confirm or change the details of your finances Certify that you are not a so-called PEP (a person with political influence) and save your profile. For each account that is categorized as pension savings, you now receive advice on how to invest your pension capital. Once you have acted on advice, you can mark the advice as ready or skip. If there is advice that is not ready, you will be reminded of these the next time you log in.
How do I follow the investment advice?
You will receive instructions on how to electronically make changes according to the advice from the pension advisory service. If it is a collectively-bargained insurance and you are advised to change insurance company, you can make the switch to a new insurance company through the selection centre that looks after your collective agreement. To make changes to the investment fund allocation in a pension, you log in to the insurance company that holds your pension.
Pension forecast
Advinans’ pension forecast helps you understand your future pension and increase your retirement savings.    To get started with the forecast: Start by entering your monthly salary. Select a retirement age. Enter your desired pension after tax (Advinans recommends 80% of your final salary). The forecast will show your expected pension based on the information Advinans received from you. You will get recommendations on how to save to reach your pension target. If accounts are missing in the forecast, you can easily add them and then you can update your forecast.
Advisory Service Documentation
When you open a new account or use our advisory service, we document the information you provide as well as the advice given in a so-called advisory service documentation.    By law, we need to collect certain information about your financial profile as well as your preferences in relation to savings and risk. These documents are saved and are always available under the tab “Document”. Simple and secure, both for your and Advinans. 
Institutions for which Advinans provides pension advisory services
Advinans provides advisory services concerning investments for following insurance companies and institutions: AMF. Avanza. Brummer. Futur Pension. Folksam. Handelsbanken. KPA. Länsförsäkringar. Lärarfonder. Movestic. Nordea. Nordnet. PPM. SEB. SPP. Skandia. Swedbank.
Which collective agreements do Advinans provide pension advisory services for?
In the respective collective agreement, there are various offerings of investment funds and fees for the insurance companies that are selectable. Advinans takes this into account for the advisory service and help with investments in these collective agreements: ITP FTP KAP-KL/AKAP-KL PA 16 (PA 03) SAF-LO KAP KTP PA-KFS AIP PPA13
What are the principles behind the advice for Advinans’ pension advisory service?
Advinans’ pension advisory service is based on Advinans’ investment strategy on a target basis, which briefly means that the risk in your savings should be based on your time horizon. For Advinans’ pension advisory service, the underlying advice is based on your planned retirement age and withdrawal period. In addition, there are your risk and ethical preferences. For retirement savings within a collective agreement, advice is also based on how active you want to be with your savings - if you are willing to review your savings every three years as a minimum, an optimised unit-linked insurance is recommended, if you want to be passive, the optimal entrance solution in a unit-linked insurance is recommended.   In the area of unit-linked insurance, Advinans starts from a risk-optimised portfolio based on Advinans’ equity portfolio and Advinans’ fixed-income portfolio. Based on the requested exposures (e.g. Swedish shares, US large enterprises, etc.) Advinans has selected the investment funds that follow index for the lowest fee. If you have chosen a sustainable preference, Advinans has selected the investment funds based on Morningstar data that to the highest possible degree comply with guidelines of United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment.. Please note that the cost of sustainable funds may be slightly higher.   In instances where a portion of the money must be invested in a traditional management model, Advinans gives recommendations for which company best follows our risk-adjusted management model in the respective agreements (e.g. ITP 1). A high proportion of shares at a young age that is reallocated to more fixed-income funds with increasing age.
How is information collected for Advinans’ pension advisory service?
Advinans’ advisory service is based on recommendation on the basis of your specified collective agreement as well as the accounts and insurance you have compiled through Advinans.