Information for companies and administrators

Administrator roles in
Advinans has two levels of the administrator role; Main administrator and Administrator. The main administrator is given a power of attorney by an authorised signatory to handle the entire company’s preferential offer with Advinans, including the right to appoint administrator(s). An administrator cannot appoint other administrators.   A main administrator can revoke a power of attorney from an administrator at any time. In order to change or revoke a power of attorney for a main administrator, a written revocation and a new power of attorney are required from an authorised signatory (signed, certified and with an attached copy of ID).   The main administrator can also appoint a communicator. A communicator can handle the company’s own benefits and articles but cannot see any employee data.
Change main administrator
If you are going to change the main administrator, contact Advinans' Company Support at and we will send a new power of attorney.
Remove administrator
The main administrator can remove an authorisation for an administrator and communicator.  Follow these steps to remove an authorisation: Log in to Go to "Administration". Go to "Employees". Via the employee view, you select the person who is registered as an administrator or communicator. Select "Change authorisation".
Who should the employee contact when it is time to retire?
Three months before the agreed retirement age, the pension company will send a letter to the employee with information about the upcoming pension payout. The employee then provides an account number and can determined the withdrawal period.    If an employee plans to retire earlier or later than the predetermined date, the employee should contact the pension company. Remember to do this well in advance, preferable at least three months before the first pension payout.   Contact details to Futur Pension: Telephone: 08-504 225 00 E-mail:   Contact details to Nordnet Pension: Telephone: 010-583 3000 Contact details to Länsförsäkringar: Telephone: 08-562 830 00
Advinans and our partners
Advinans provides a digital platform for managing benefits, communication, occupational pension plans, for example for salary reduction plans and risk insurance. Advinans is also an insurance broker and manages capital.  Futur Pension is an insurance provider for old-age pensions via a so-called custody insurance. Nordnet Pension is an insurance provider for old-age pensions via a so-called custody insurance. Euro Accident is an insurance provider for risk insurance.