Depending on the investment funds held by you and the bank you use, it will take 2-6 days.

When you have requested a withdrawal from Advinans, sales orders for fund units in your investment fund portfolio are registered the next day. When Advinans has received money from all investment fund companies, the full amount will be paid to your account. That the withdrawal takes 2-6 days is due to different fund companies having different numbers of so-called settlement days. Settlement days exist to enable the fund manager to handle inflows/outflows from the fund in the best possible way. In addition to settlement days, it takes one business day for payouts unless you have an account with Danske Bank.


Below we describe in detail the time schedule for all investment funds and explain the relevant concepts.


Trade information


Closing time

The date when the withdrawal is registered

Trade date sale of fund

Day after closing time

Settlement date

See list of investment funds

Payout date

Danske Bank: settlement date

Other banks: settlement date + 1 business day


Closing time (cut-off time)

The closing time is for withdrawals the latest time for submitting a sales order to ensure that it is sent off the same day. Normally this is at 6 pm each business day or 10 am on half days.

If you submit a sales order after the closing time, it means that your sales order will be sent to the investment fund company the next business day. In the event that the market is closed when you place an order, it will be sent automatically during the next business day.


Trade date

This is the date when the actual sale of your investment fund is made. It is at the investment fund’s NAV rate on that specific date that your trade is made. On the same day as the trade date you can see how many shares of a certain fund we have sold for you and at which NAV rate. You will, however, not receive the money until the settlement date when your fund units are exchanged for payment. The payment from the investment fund company is submitted on the trade date.


Settlement date

Is the date when Advinans gains access to the money from the sale of the investment funds. See the investment fund list for the exact date.

For investment funds in foreign currencies, we exchange the sales amount from the investment fund companies to Swedish kronor (at the exchange rate of the settlement date) before a payment is made to you.


Investment fund company

Settlement date (sale of fund units)


Trade date + 3 business days

Enter Fonder

Trade date + 1 business days

Handelsbanken Fonder

Trade date + 1 business days


Trade date + 3 business days


Trade date + 3 business days


Trade date + 1 business days

SEB FonderTrade date + 1 business days

Spiltan Fonder

Trade date + 3 business days

SPP Fonder

Trade date + 1 business days

TIN Fonder

Trade date + 1 business days


Trade date + 4 business days

Öhman Fonder[1]

Trade date + 3 business days


[1] For the fund Öhman Etisk Global A the settlement date is: trade date + 5 business days