When you make a deposit, Advinans purchases fund units according to your investment plan. A smaller amount may remain from your deposit if your investment plan includes American investment funds, since these are traded in hundredths (two decimals) and in US dollars. We only change the amount of kronor needed to purchase whole hundredths.

An example: A deposit of SEK 20,000 where 9% is to be allocated to an investment fund traded in USD.

  • 9% of SEK 20,000: SEK 1,800.
  • Fund NAV: USD 192,42.
  • Exchange rate SEK 8.44 for USD 1.
  • Shares purchased 1.10 (1.10*192.42*8.44) = SEK 1,786.43.
  • If 1.11 shares are purchased: 1.11*192.42*8.44 = SEK 1,802.67.


In the example, SEK 13.57 (1,800 - 1,786.43) remain until the next trade is carried out.