An ISK (Investment Savings Account) is an account where private individuals can save in shares, investment funds or other financial products. For most people an ISK results in lower taxes and less work compared to a share/investment fund account and it is particularly suitable for long-term savings.


Key features:

  • Low tax: You do not pay any capital gains tax on the sale of securities, instead you pay an annual percentage flat-rate tax on the value of the account. The tax follows the general interest rate situation and is at the moment very low. 
  • Avoid declaring it in your tax return: No need to declare gains/losses from sales of securities. The tax information needed will be pre-printed in your tax return. 

ISK’s favourable terms may change in the future.  Advinans will continuously analyse the

situation for our customers to provide accurate advice and may, for example in the event of

changed tax rates, recommend another account form.  


Read more about taxation of ISK under the section ”Fees & Taxes”.