Advinans’ pension advisory service is based on Advinans’ investment strategy on a target basis, which briefly means that the risk in your savings should be based on your time horizon. For Advinans’ pension advisory service, the underlying advice is based on your planned retirement age and withdrawal period. In addition, there are your risk and ethical preferences. For retirement savings within a collective agreement, advice is also based on how active you want to be with your savings - if you are willing to review your savings every three years as a minimum, an optimised unit-linked insurance is recommended, if you want to be passive, the optimal entrance solution in a unit-linked insurance is recommended.


In the area of unit-linked insurance, Advinans starts from a risk-optimised portfolio based on Advinans’ equity portfolio and Advinans’ fixed-income portfolio. Based on the requested exposures (e.g. Swedish shares, US large enterprises, etc.) Advinans has selected the investment funds that follow index for the lowest fee. If you have chosen a sustainable preference, Advinans has selected the investment funds based on Morningstar data that to the highest possible degree comply with guidelines of United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment.. Please note that the cost of sustainable funds may be slightly higher.


In instances where a portion of the money must be invested in a traditional management model, Advinans gives recommendations for which company best follows our risk-adjusted management model in the respective agreements (e.g. ITP 1). A high proportion of shares at a young age that is reallocated to more fixed-income funds with increasing age.