Advinans is based on the trust of you as a customer. By compiling your financial information from banks and insurance companies, we can help you take control of your finances - but that also means that we have a very big responsibility in terms of information management. 

For this reason, Advinans has established a number of principles on which our work is based:

  1. Respect for you as a customer
    Advinans will never share specific customer information with third parties - unless it is at your request/with your consent.
  2. Highest security
    Advinans invests in the highest possible level of security for all IT systems. This means that all information is protected by advanced firewalls, encrypted databases and continuous back-ups.

  3. You have control over your information
     In accordance with the Personal Data Act, you can contact Advinans to obtain all information Advinans has about you - and if you wish, Advinans will erase the information (however, we need to save certain data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations).