Advinans works with the highest possible security on all IT systems and by collaborating with leading cloud providers, Advinans can offer a very high level of security at low cost. Advinans has established a number of principles to ensure the highest level of IT security:


  • Only collaboration with leading IT providers. This includes main data and applications on Google Cloud with data center positioned in EU, as well as Elastx in Sweden.

  • The highest possible level of security for all services. This includes the highest level of encryption, advanced firewalls and virus protection, certificates, two-factor authentication and advanced access control.

  • Secure backup. All Advinans’ data is backed up continuously. For our fund unit register, back-ups are also done in a geographically separate data hall.

  • Secure identification. To ensure a very high level of customer security, Advinans uses BankID for logging in and signing.
  • Continuous monitoring. Advinans has invested in leading monitoring systems that automatically monitor systems in real time.
  • Constant improvement work. Advinans collaborates with leading Swedish IT security consultants who continuously analyse Advinans’ IT security.