The simple answer is yes, if you expect a long-term average return that exceeds 2-3% per year. Advinans’ assessment is that our portfolios should over time generate a higher return than that, which is why we have chosen to currently only offer ISK.


The difference between the two account types is in the yield tax and the fact that for a share/investment fund account you need to spend more time on your tax return. For a share/investment fund account you pay capital gains tax when you sell as well as for dividends, while an ISK instead has an annual flat-rate tax on the total capital. 


Advinans’ perspective is that ISK is currently more favourable for the simple reason that the government borrowing rate, on which the size of the flat-rate tax is based, is very low. 

ISK’s favourable terms may change in the future. Advinans will continuously analyse the situation for our customers to provide accurate advice and may, for example in the event of changed tax rates, recommend another account form.