Advinans has selected investment funds based on what is best for our customers. Our selection process for index funds is simple and has the following criteria:


  1. Investment funds that follow the index based on Advinans’ required market exposure: Advinans always starts from a well-established index. Advinans works primarily with index funds, but for some exposures this is not relevant/available, but the basis for Advinans’ analysis is always how well the investment fund follows the underlying index.
  2. Investment funds that have the lowest fees given Advinans’ required market exposure. Advinans takes TER (Total Expense Ratio) as its basis which means the investment fund’s total costs, not just the management fee which sometimes can be misleading.
  3. Investment funds from established and competent investment fund companies with a long history. Advinans meets all investment fund companies and makes a thorough analysis of all investment fund companies and funds to ensure we feel the company is secure.

For sustainable funds Advinans in addition to above follow the negative screening guidelines of United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment.


For active funds, we make a proper analysis of the available active funds in Sweden (in short based on fund size, active share, strategy, history). Read more about our selection process here.


Advinans continually evaluates the investment fund market. Should new funds with lower fees emerge, we will evaluate these.