Advinans’ philosophy is that risk is relative to time. When you set up a target savings plan, Advinans will advise you on a risk-optimised portfolio at that time based on the savings horizon and withdrawal profile specified by you. As you approach the withdrawal period, Advinans will automatically adjust the risk downwards to maximise the likelihood that you reach your savings target. 

Advinans also take into account the withdrawal profile of your savings, retirement savings have a very long withdrawal period (standard 20 years), which is why you want to have a certain exposure to risky shares during the withdrawal period, while a monthly savings plan where you want to withdraw the entire capital at a certain time, the last few years before withdrawal will have an exposure primarily to interest rates. By automatic risk adjustment, Advinans ensures that you benefit from the compound interest effect early in your savings while we help you lower the risk as you approach the withdrawal period.