Everyone has different sustainability preferences when it comes to investments. Advinans wants to help you make the right choice given your preferences and we have therefore divided the savings into two different approaches: save broadly or save sustainably. Advinans has also secured the best investment funds in each category.


Save broadly

To save broadly means that Advinans, with no restrictions, puts together the best possible investment plan based on your savings targets. This means you get exposure to the full market and that it is the most cost-effective option.


Save sustainably

If you save sustainably you will be exposure to the full market excluding specific sectors as per below. The fees are somewhat higher if you save sustainably, but with sustainability growing strongly in the fund industry the fee gap is negligible. 

For sustainable funds Advinans follow the negative screening guidelines of United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment. The principles are based on negative screening criteria where certain sectors are excluded for the funds to invest in. In the table below you find the sectors fund companies can not invest in according to the UN Principles.





Extraction of oil, coal, and gas

Fund excludes companies involved in the extraction of oil, coal, and gas


Fossil fuels energy generation

Fund excludes companies that generate energy coming from fossil fuels


Controversial weapons

Fund excludes companies with ties to nuclear weapons, cluster bombs, landmines, chemical and biological weapons


Civilian firearms

Fund excludes companies deriving 5% or more revenue from distribution of firearms and small arms



Fund excludes companies classified as producers of tobacco or deriving 5% or more aggregate revenue from distribution of tobacco or tobacco-related products



Fund excludes companies deriving 5% or more revenue from alcohol



Fund excludes companies deriving 5% or more revenue from gambling



Fund excludes companies deriving 5% or more revenue from pornography


International norms and conventions

Fund excludes companies that are verifiably breaching international norms and conventions