If your employer offers you a wellness allowance through Advinans' wellness partner Actiway, the balance of your wellness allowance is displayed at advinans.se.


Below you find more useful information on how to use your wellness allowance.


How does it work?

Your wellness allowance is visible at Actiway’s website; actiway.se. The balance of your wellness allowance and link to Actiway is available at advinans.se.


You can find your purchase history, offers from wellness partners and other smart functions at actiway.se. You find gyms and other types of wellness providers via the search engine "Hitta friskvård".

When you make a purchase, you only need to show your ID, and announce that your wellness allowance is connected to Actiway. The balance for your wellness allowance will be automatically regulated, and can be seen in both actiway.se and advinans.se.


Registration of receipt

It is important to remember that Actiway does not approve registration of a receipt afterwards if the purchase has been made from an already connected supplier. To check if a supplier is connected to Actiway, search via "Hitta friskvård" at actiway.se. 


If you have purchased a service from a supplier who is not connected to Actiway, you can register the receipt and get the expense refunded. Register your receipts under "Mina sidor" at actiway.se. 


Last day to report purchases with a non-affiliated player

The last day to report a purchase from a non-affiliated supplier is as of December 21 if the wellness year runs between January 1 and December 31.


Stockholm city facilities

To use your wellness allowance at Stockholm City's facilities, a pre-purchase/requisition must be made via "Mina sidor" at actiway.se. Choose the amount, print out the order and bring the requisition to the swimming hall.

Actiway's contact information 


08-510 622 90