Advinans’ insurance advisory service gives you customised advice based on your family situation, employment and personal finances. The service helps you to get an insurance cover that is suitable for you and your family if you should die, suffer an accident or illness and be in need of care. You will be given insurance advice that is based on your cover through your employment, your other insurance and your family’s needs.

Under the tab "Insurance" you can see the information that we have about your insurance cover. The information is based on information about your cover through a possible collective agreement, information we have received from insurance companies via a so-called information power of attorney as well as the information provided by you. If some information is missing, you can easily add this yourself.


Once you have compiled the information about your known insurance cover, you can access the insurance advisory service by following these steps:


  • Activate the service under “Insurance”.
  • Enter your family situation.
  • Confirm or change the information about work, salary and debt.
  • Based on your information you will receive advice on the different insurance elements (life, health, accident, medical and children's insurance). 
  • If Advinans should advise you to supplement your insurance cover you can do so via Advinans’ procured offer from Länsförsäkringar (see link on page). 
  • When you have acted on advice you can mark the advice as finished or skip them. If there is advice that is not finished, you will be reminded the next time you log in.


Advinans' insurance advice is taken out through your employer or through you as an individual. If you want to sign up for the service privately, you pay SEK 300 (including VAT) with your credit card for one year. The service ends automatically after one year and you must activate it again yourself.