In the service “My Finances” and under “Add Information” you can use BankId to compile information about accounts from banks where you are a customer as well as from the Swedish Pensions Agency. 


You can easily compile information by following these steps:

  • Choose the company you want to collect data from
  • Start the data collection 
  • Sign with BankID


To update the information, you need to actively start the data collection again. 


To use the service you need to be over 18 years old and have access to BankID and you also need to sign an agreement that allows us to compile the information from your banks and insurance companies.

 The service is free of charge. There is also no requirement that you should purchase additional services. If you would like to terminate the service, please contact us. Advinans will then erase all customer data (there may, however, be some data that we under laws and regulations are required to store).