In the service “My Finances” and under “Add Information” you can provide an information power of attorney. An information power of attorney authorises us to collect information on your behalf from insurance companies regarding your pension insurance schemes and your insurance cover. You can easily provide an information power of attorney by following these steps:

  • Click on “Provide an Information Power of Attorney”
  • Choose whether the power of attorney should be valid until further notice or specify an end date
  • Sign with BankID

Keep in mind that some insurance companies do not disclose your information even if you have signed a power of attorney. We are constantly trying to find new digital solutions for instances such as these. If you are missing some data, please contact your insurance company to get the correct information.

Should you wish to revoke the power of attorney, you can do so via “My Finances”, at the bottom of the page. Advinans will then no longer collect any information through the power of attorney.